Welcome to saturn.

Saturn is a time-based social network. We simplify chaotic high school schedules and connect students with the people and information that matter most.

our story

No student should consider calendaring their greatest challenge. When co-founder Dylan Diamond was in high school, many students struggled to manage their schedules, homework, and activities. Their school’s rotating block schedule made this all the more challenging.

Dylan built a mobile app to help the students of Staples High School take control of their schedules. The app exploded in popularity, and years later, is still used daily by almost all the school's students.

As Wharton sophomores at the University of Pennsylvania, Dylan met fellow entrepreneur and Saturn co-founder Max Baron. The two quickly saw an opportunity to help millions of students facing similar challenges. In November 2018, they officially launched Saturn, and by school-year’s end, supported more than 50 schools across the Northeast.

Saturn is now venture-backed and expanding to schools throughout the country.

our Partners

Saturn is a student-driven and student-oriented company that partners with like-minded organizations. Companies and organizations we parter with include:


Saturn was proud to partner with Snapchat on the launch of their new Snap Minis product. Snapchat announced the partnership as part of their Snap Partner Summit on June 11, 2020.


#ICANHELP educates and empowers you and fellow students to delete negativity and use social media positively. Saturn partners with #ICANHELP to mentor students, participate in events, and help the organization continue to spread positivity throughout the US.


ConnectSafely is widely known as a nonprofit organization that educates technology users on important issues, including safety, privacy, and security. They offer news, guides, and information for you and your parents.

Crisis Text Line

Saturn’s efforts to create a safe and supportive environment for students led us to partner with Crisis Text Line.

All Tech is Human

As a member of the All Tech is Human community, Saturn works alongside technologists, academics, advocates, policymakers, organizational leaders, students, artists, designers, and others to move toward a more thoughtful technological future.