Safety At Saturn


Saturn is a calendar that gives students control over their schedules, activities, and connections. Keeping students safe is our top priority. We work around the clock to make sure that our users have a positive and safe experience on Saturn. Please use this page to learn more about trust and safety on Saturn.

Our Principles

Keeping students safe from harmful content, addictive algorithms and distractions is our top priority. One of Saturn’s core principles is ‘Safety by Design’. This means integrating security and privacy features throughout our product development. We have an extensive range of safety tools in place to protect the Saturn community. These include product features that aim to identify and remove unauthorized users, and content moderation. In addition, Saturn’s platform is designed to avoid potentially harmful elements, such as algorithmic feeds and anonymous communications. Our goal is to create a platform where users can engage and connect with each other, knowing that Saturn is making thoughtful and proactive product choices. 

Saturn is designed to create a vibrant and informative environment for all our users and their school communities, where users can engage and connect with each other in a positive way. To help maintain a positive experience on Saturn, we publish and enforce Community Guidelines that function as a set of rules and standards for Saturn users to follow. These guidelines apply to everyone and everything on our platform.

How We Work

Our Trust & Safety team proactively monitors activity on the platform, responds to reports in real-time, and takes appropriate action. Saturn utilizes advanced AI algorithms designed to promptly identify any harmful or potentially harmful content in the app. In addition to proactive moderation performed by our algorithms and our team, we also encourage our users to report any concerning content. Throughout the app, users can report any content or any other user’s profile, and that report will be immediately escalated to a member of our team. Parents, caregivers, and educators are also able to report content through our off-platform reporting processes.

Our Safety Partners

Saturn has teamed up with a number of organizations to collaboratively drive education and awareness around key issues that users may face online. By partnering with expert organizations in the field of online safety, we're learning from best-in-class research, efforts and practices to foster a safe environment on our platform.

See some of our initial partners below to learn more:

Resources for Parents & Educators

Saturn provides a number of resources to support parents and educators in understanding how the Saturn app works, including our privacy and security measures. 

Please see our Parents Guide for more information about the app’s privacy and data security practices. 

Please see our Educators Guide for more information on how Saturn may be used at your school.

Our Team

Saturn is built by a team who cares deeply about high school calendaring. Our co-founder and CEO, Dylan Diamond, first built a calendar app when he was a high school junior in 2015. He was in search of a tool to manage his own complex high school schedule, tell him where he needed to be and when, and share his schedule with his school friends. Three years later, Dylan and his co-founder Max Baron launched a similar calendar app for nearby high schools and the results were clear: this was a product that high school students needed. Today, Saturn is becoming high schoolers’ calendar of choice, supporting millions of high school students nationwide.

At Saturn, we also have a dedicated Trust & Safety team focused on safety on our platform. 

For any information that is not covered in our Safety Center, please contact us.