Saturn Community Guidelines

Effective Date: June 4, 2020

Saturn connects you with your calendar, activities, friends, and school. We believe in creating a safe environment for all users and their school communities, which is why we created the following Saturn Community Guidelines.

Although Saturn is not a social network, everyone who uses Saturn in your school becomes part of an online community. You are responsible for positively contributing to that community.

By using Saturn, you agree to follow these guidelines. They will help you have a great experience on Saturn and ensure everyone else does too. If you choose not to follow these rules, you may lose access to Saturn or have your account limited.

Show Respect for Others
Saturn does not allow bullying or threats. If you post any messages or public notes that include this type of content, you will be banned from Saturn.

If you see any content that you believe is inappropriate, let our team know about it by reporting it by emailing

High School Students and Teachers Only
Saturn is for high school students and high school teachers only. Teachers have limited access and cannot communicate directly with you or your peers on Saturn. Teachers are prohibited from using Saturn Yearbook.

Limiting our users to students and teachers helps keep Saturn safe and positive. If you believe anyone other than a teacher or student is on Saturn, or if you think anyone other than a classmate is on Saturn Yearbook, report it. Contact us at

Stay Legal
Illegal activities are not allowed on Saturn. We work to keep all of our high school communities safe. If the law is broken on Saturn and we are contacted by the authorities, we will work with them to ensure safety and fully cooperate with any investigation.

Don’t Cheat
Cheating is never the best option. We expect all users of Saturn to exhibit academic integrity, and we prohibit the use of our platform for cheating.

The Saturn platform is a tool to help your stay organized and connected, but not cheat. If we learn of cheating taking place on Saturn, we will take appropriate steps to stop it, including notifying school officials and banning users. Don’t cheat!

If You Need Help, Get Help
School and life can be stressful. Saturn cares about your mental and physical health. If you are struggling or in need of help, please text ​Crisis Text Line​. They offer trained Crisis Counselors who provide free assistance to those in crisis.

Are you in crisis? Text 741741 to chat.

Protect Private Information
On Saturn, you can share your schedule with classmates or keep it private. Sharing your calendar means others can see it. Make sure you’re comfortable sharing everything on your calendar before doing so. On Saturn Yearbook, classmates can leave memories on your Yearbook page. You decide whether you want to approve a memory. If you approve a memory, anyone at your school can see that memory on your Yearbook page. Similarly, if you leave a memory on a classmate’s Yearbook page, anyone at your school can see that memory.  

We do not recommend sharing personal information in your calendar (if public), messages, or Yearbook memories on Saturn.

For additional guidelines around Saturn chat click here.

Keep Your School Community Safe
Saturn prohibits the following types of posts, images, and notes:
●  Threats
●  Personal information (other than what is relevant to your schedule)
●  Nudity, graphic sexual images or references, and any mention of underage nudity
●  Intention to cause physical or emotional harm
●  Promoting self-harm or digital self-harm
●  Violence

We are glad you are part of Saturn and your school community on Saturn. Let’s get organized and work together to help you accomplish all of your goals before school’s out.

If you need any help contact us or send us an email at