More Safety Improvements for Students

August 17, 2023

We’ve released a new version of Saturn—our second in a week—that raises the bar for security. We’re also actively removing every suspected non-student account on the platform.

Earlier this week, we announced a set of improvements to Saturn that strengthened our student verification process. These changes are designed to prevent any unverified users from viewing students’ profiles (including their connected social profiles), or accessing social features like Chat, the School Directory or Bulletin.

Today we're going even further:

  1. We have expanded and improved the systems we use to flag accounts that don’t comply with Saturn’s terms. We remain committed to removing all suspected non-students from Saturn promptly and have enhanced this process.

  2. Moving forward, if someone attempts to sign up as a student and our systems flag them as a potential non-student, we will force them to go through an enhanced verification flow, which includes school email verification.

Because we’ve created a very strict set of rules for verification, we know we’ve locked out some real students. If you are reading this and you’re one of them, please first update the app from the App Store. If you are still unable to verify using your school email, contact us and we will work to assist. For students who have already contacted us, we’re working hard to help you as quickly as we can.

We’re serious about keeping our users safe and will continue to build features that help keep Saturn a safe platform for students to spend time with students in their community.

Our latest release enhances verification on Saturn with student email.

For more information about user safety on Saturn, visit