Law Enforcement Guidelines

Saturn is a safe and secure online space for students to connect with their calendar, activities, friends, and school. Saturn complies and cooperates with law enforcement requests to the extent permitted by law and our Terms of Service. For additional information, please see our Privacy Policy​, ​Terms of Service, and ​Community Guidelines​.

What Is Saturn?
Saturn is ​an app that helps high school students organize, simplify, and improve their lives. The app is centered around each student’s school calendar. Students can stay up-to-date on their class schedule, keep track of homework assignments, and follow school activities.

To ensure that Saturn remains a safe and supportive place for students, Saturn enforces a set of Community Guidelines that encourage positivity and prohibit:
●  Threats
●  Personal information (other than what is relevant to your schedule)
●  Nudity, graphic sexual images or references, and any mention of underage nudity
●  Intention to cause physical or emotional harm
●  Promoting self-harm or digital self-harm
●  Violence

Saturn makes it easy for users to report any content they believe is inappropriate. If we become aware of content that violates our Community Guidelines, we will remove the content and take appropriate actions with the individual user, which may including banning the user from theSaturn platform.

Assisting Law Enforcement
We work with law enforcement to resolve situations expeditiously. Please contact us​ ​and we will work with you to try to resolve the situation at issue.

Legal Process
We disclose account records in accordance with our Terms of Service and applicable law, including the federal Stored Communications Act ("SCA"), 18 U.S.C. Sections 2701-2712.

Form of Inquiry or Request
Requests must identify records with particularity and include the following:
●  Name and location of user’s School
●  Specific information regarding the alleged or potential problem
●  Date of incident at issue
●  Contents of any post(s) on the app at issue
●  The name of the issuing authority, badge/ID number of responsible agent, email address from a law-enforcement domain, and direct contact phone number.

Preservation Requests
Should you find it necessary to conduct a formal preservation process, in accordance with theSCA, 18 U.S.C. Section 2703(f), we will take steps to preserve account records in connection with official criminal investigations for 90 days pending our receipt of formal legal process.

Cost Reimbursement
Saturn may seek reimbursement for costs associated with responding to requests for information as provided by law. Saturn may also charge additional fees for costs incurred from responding to unusual or burdensome requests. Saturn may decide to waive these fees in matters involving potential harm to children, our users, and/or emergencies.

Records Authentication
Saturn’s records are self-authenticating and do not require the testimony of records custodians.With this in mind, Saturn is unable to provide expert testimony in legal proceedings. If a declaration or a special form of certification is required, please attach it to your records request.

User Consent
If a law enforcement official is seeking information about a Saturn user who has provided consent for the official to access or obtain the user’s account information, the law enforcement official should work with the individual to obtain the data. If a law enforcement official seeks to obtain information from Saturn in these instances, Saturn will not deviate from its normal legal policies and processes.

User Notification
If compliance with a data request makes Saturn aware of a violation of its Terms of Service,Privacy Policy, or Community Guidelines, Saturn reserves the right to take independent action, including steps to notify the user of Saturn’s knowledge of their misconduct.

Contact Information
For queries related to safety or law enforcement, please contact us at ​​.