Saturn is a calendar platform that helps high school students organize and simplify chaotic schedules by connecting them with the people and information that matter most.

General Inquiries

What is Saturn?

Saturn simplifies chaotic high school schedules by connecting students with the people and information that matter most. The app helps students keep track of where they need to be and when. Students can also share their schedules with their friends to see who’s in their classes and when their friends are free.

Saturn’s features currently include:●  Live View: keeps you up-to-date on where you need to be
●  Schedule Sharing: Keep tabs on your friends and what they’re up to
●  Privacy Settings: Control your profile and choose to be public or private
●  Secure Community: Linked to your school Google or Microsoft account to protect the community
●  Morning Notifications: Start your day in-the-know and prepared
●  Dedicated Apple Watch Support: Your schedule, now on your wrist

Learn more about Saturn here.

Why was Saturn created?

Saturn was created by students who wanted to make it easier to stay organized in high school. University of Pennsylvania classmates Dylan Diamond and Max Baron launched Saturn in November of 2018.

High school schedules are unnecessarily complicated. They founded Saturn to provide students with a simple and intuitive solution that helps students navigate the complexities of their day-to-day calendar. We keep students organized and connected so they can focus on the things that matter most.

Who is Behind Saturn?

Saturn was launched in November 2018 by Dylan Diamond and Max Baron.

Dylan Diamond (CEO & Co-Founder)
Dylan Diamond is a life-long builder and entrepreneur who enjoys creating meaningful solutions to complicated problems. He launched a thriving web design firm in middle school. In high school, Dylan created a best-selling iOS app that helped over 250,000 students and parents monitor students’ grades. When he wanted to build an easier way to control his family’s Tesla, he hacked into the car’s operating system and built an app that allowed drivers to control the car from an Apple watch. He later became Tesla’s youngest-ever employee, and spent two years on the Supercharger Analytics team. Dylan left Tesla to launch Saturn - and help students become the most organized and successful version of themselves. Dylan was a sophomore in the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Program for Management & Technology.

Max Baron (CCO & Co-Founder)
Max Baron is a marketer driven by the desire to help young people better interact with the world around them. From his boarding school dorm room, Max built and scaled PrepReps, a successful micro-influencer agency that connected high school and college students with brands looking to engender loyalty among young audiences. After PrepReps, Max consulted for the global heads of marketing at well known brands including Beats By Dre and T-Mobile.

In August 2018, Max joined global advertising conglomerate Havas as a Managing Director. At Havas, he oversaw the development of their new youth culture agency, Annex23.

The opportunity to work on Saturn drew him away from Havas and he is currently on leave from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

How to use Saturn

How does Saturn work?

How does Saturn work?
Saturn is a platform for students, created by students. It is community-specific, meaning that your calendar is tied to the classes offered at your school, and cannot be viewed by any student outside of your school.

To verify you attend your school, we check your school email address after you download the Saturn app. Once verified, you can easily login and complete our simple onboarding guide to build your class schedule from a list of the courses offered at your school.

Our real-time calendar view helps you monitor your schedule, and follow your friends’ schedules as well - with permission, of course! Every student can make their schedule private with a single tap.

As the app continues to grow with your support - new features will be added to make your days easier to manage and to give you new, exciting ways to connect and share with other members of your school community.

Where can I download the app?

Saturn is available on iOS and is free to download and use.
Download Saturn on the App Store here.​.

Saturn will be available for Android devices on the Google Play Store soon.

How can I get Saturn in my school?

Our goal is to give every high school student the opportunity to take control of their schedule with Saturn. Here’s how to bring Saturn to your school:

1. ​Apply to be a Saturn Ambassador! Ambassadors work closely with our team to ensure a successful launch at their school. As an ambassador, you will help us understand any quirks in your school’s schedule and spread the word on campus once we’re live. It’s a fun program and opportunity to a leader in your community. Apply here.

2. ​Email us! Send us an email and tell us why you want/need Saturn. We’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at support@joinsaturn.com.

What is a Saturn Ambassador?

Saturn Ambassadors are leaders in America’s classrooms, on sports fields, at concert halls, and beyond.

Ambassadors work closely with our team to ensure a successful launch at their school. They help us understand any quirks in their  school’s schedule and spread the word on campus once we’re live. It’s a fun program and opportunity to a leader in their  community. Apply Here.

Do Saturn Ambassadors control information in the app?

Our Ambassadors are not responsible for operating the app and do not control the information relating to a school’s schedule. In the case of a last-minute schedule change, our ambassadors alert us of the change and help us verify it before updating it for the entire community.

How do I become a Saturn School Ambassador?

Saturn is always looking for new Ambassadors. Learn more and apply by clicking here​.

How does Saturn obtain my school’s course schedules?

All course schedule information used in the Saturn app is public information. Saturn utilizes this information to help you upload and manage your schedule, find event information, and more.

Our Ambassadors help verify and update information related to their school as necessary.

Trust and Safety

Is Saturn safe?

Is Saturn safe?
As a student-founded and student-oriented company, we care deeply about the privacy and safety of our users. To ensure a safe and secure environment for our users, we consider each school its own “community” and only members of that community—students and teachers—  can join. Our verification process keeps people from outside of your high school’s community out of the app.

Saturn also has reporting infrastructure that allows users to inform the Saturn team of any potential issues. All reports are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated by our team. Based on the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken including, but not limited to, notification of school officials or local law enforcement.

How do you ensure users attend a school?

We verify users by authenticating your school email address. Email authentication is conducted through Google or Microsoft. This ensures that only members of your school community can access your community’s part of Saturn.

Who can view my course schedule on Saturn?

That’s up to you. Your schedule is your business. You can choose to leave your schedule public, allowing classmates (verified members of your school’s community) to view it, or keep it private, which restricts access to anyone whose “follow request” you haven't explicitly accepted.

Do schools or school districts support or endorse Saturn?

Saturn empowers students to stay organized, on-time, and connected with friends and classmates. We help our users reach their full potential and strengthen school community.

Teachers and administrators alike have expressed strong support for Saturn because of our team’s efforts to help our users succeed and bring communities closer together. That said, we do not have formal relationships with schools. We operate independently, and do not use school logos.

Can adults use Saturn?

Teachers who have a valid school email are able to use limited features on the platform, such as the ability to track their personal class schedule. Teachers are not permitted to interact with students on Saturn.

Adults who are not teachers are not able to access Saturn - and they are subject to the same email verification and authentication measures used to authenticate all student users.

How does Saturn keep communities safe from predators?

Saturn works hard to keep all of our users and communities safe. To access Saturn, you must demonstrate that you attend your school. We monitor our communities closely to prevent harmful behavior and misuse.

As a user, you can hide your calendar, making it visible only to individuals you explicitly permit.

We encourage students to report any suspicious or potentially harmful activity by contacting us at support@joinsaturn.com.

How does Saturn prevent bullying?

Saturn is a tool that allows you to connect with your school schedule and your friends’ schedules. Although we are not a social network, our team is aware of the issue of cyberbullying and are working hard to prevent it on our platform.

We support the fight against bullying and cyberbullying across the internet by partnering with companies and organizations that are working to educate students about how to be responsible digital citizens and spread positivity online. Learn more about Saturn’s partners in this area here.

Could Saturn distract me from my studies?

Saturn helps students make the most of their day. We work to maximize the value of your time so you don’t miss classes, activities, or meetings. When used properly, our app will keep you focused and productive.

Any tool or app can be overused. Saturn works directly with schools, administrators, Ambassadors, partners, and others to ensure Saturn does not become a distraction.

Does Saturn collect or sell data?

Saturn is a venture-funded company that has not monetized. We do not sell data, or allow for third-party advertising on our platform.

Like similar apps, Saturn collects data to provide users a better experience. To learn more about how we handle data, read our Privacy Policy here​.

Contact and Report

How can I contact Saturn?

For technical or general support issues, email support@joinsaturn.com.
For hiring inquiries, email dylan@joinsaturn.com.
For legal, press, partnership or safety inquiries, email max@joinsaturn.com.
To suggest a feature, or tell us how we can improve your experience, email denali@joinsaturn.com.